Dreams in the Flesh

Blog Post

One of my New Years resolutions, as mentioned, is to take myself a bit more seriously. Not just letting each dream pass me by, but stopping and examining each & every one and allowing the true dreams to take root within my heart. Taking my dreams more seriously means giving them bones, meat, flesh. It means having a dream, protecting it in my heart, and then taking steps in order to see that dream come true. The wild thing is that I am actually seeing it happen and seeing flesh coming to my dreams!

But this does not just have to be for me. It isn’t just about me and my dreams coming true. Every person I talk to I feel like there is a grace for their dreams. Yesterday I heard of a friend who dreams of doing fashion and a local botique told her that they would buy her creations. That does not happen! Today I heard of a local artist getting the opportunity to do what makes their heart come alive. There is a grace. right now. Dreams of creativity, dreams of business, dreams of influence. I feel like the time is now!

I want to tell you why dreaming is important and hopefully inspire you to dream a little bit bigger.

Dreaming brings hope. When you dream for a different tomorrow or a different circumstance (or even the same!), you are hoping. You are wanting and believing for something. Hope requires trust. Trust in yourself, trust in the greater good. Hope is a muscle. It forces your to practice and become resilient to disappointment. Hope is required for dreaming. Hope says that there is more available to you. A life without hope and dreams is stagnant.

Dreaming creates an adventurous life (even if your dreams aren’t wild like jumping out of planes). Whatever it is that you want in life can happen and make your life the adventure that you want. If you want to own a business, or be a really good employee, than pursuing that desire would lead you to living a full life. It would lead you to living the life you want. Life can be anything that you want, but you have to allow yourself the courage to dream of what you want.

Another thing that happens when you dream is dreaming brings contentment within your now. There is something super special about the between season, the season of dreaming before the dream has fully blossomed. There is something special about the waiting. It’s like how Christmas Eve is kind of the best part of Christmas because you are awaiting the excitement. That happens with dreams, too. When you dream you can be content within the waiting.

Dreaming requires motion. It requires you to take bold steps forward. Dreaming is more than just accomplishing goals, it is a beautiful combination of goals mixed into one daring act.

One downside of dreaming is that it definitely challenges your belief in yourself. Can you believe that you deserve to dream? Can you risk in order to dream? Can you risk in order to see your dreams come true? Having a self is a right that each and every human has. What does your self dream of?

I went out to coffee with one of my greatest inspirations this week. We talked about dreaming and how people don’t have the courage to dream because they don’t have the courage or self-love to allow themselves to. We talked about how people do not know what they want because they haven’t given themselves permission to allow dreams to even taken root.

So, here I am…just an imperfect human aiming to have a wholehearted and full life. A woman that is simply learning life’s possibilities and I am telling you that dreaming is possible. I am telling you that you deserve permission to dream. You deserve permission to live a full life. I urge you to take the risk and imagine the best life you could think of. Dream with me.

What are your big dreams? What dreams make your stomach do flips just thinking about the possibility? Let me know in the comments! I am excited to hear & believe with you!