Summer Learnin’


This was my first week at Humboldt State University, meaning that summer is over. I thought that for this weeks post, I would share some of my lessons (or reminders) that Summer 2018 has taught me.

Magic does still happen.

This summer I bought tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in Columbus Ohio. While there, our tickets got upgraded to floor seats. Honestly, it was such a magical experience. As the night was going on, I knew that I could fully experience the magic if I just allowed myself to press in to it. If I stopped holding myself back. I had to press in to the magic.


Family is No Joke.

This summer I learned how constant true family is. (I am aware that all biological family is not this way, but as I talk about this, I also mean chosen family). Family comes together  in the midst of concern. Family comes together in the stillness. Family comes together in the unknown. Family sticks together. There were multiple negative experiences that happened this summer for me (and my family) and instead of standing alone, we stood together.

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Change is Your Friend.

So many people dread change, but it doesn’t have to be dreaded. Instead of hating the unknown, you can embrace it. This summer, I have had some major changes. But I didn’t want to be a victim. I didn’t want to get bogged down by the feeling of being a victim to my life. I decided (and did my best) to embrace the excitement of change.


It is YOUR Job to Blossom.

Similar to my lesson about change, I was reminded that it was MY job to blossom. By this, I mean, that regardless of my surroundings, regardless of my situations, I have the choice to blossom. I get to grow my roots deep and embrace each moment. Some people just accept where they are and keep a passive attitude towards their life, but I get the opportunity to blossom each and every day.


Slow Down, Feel the Sunshine.

Something that this summer has taught me that life will fly by too fast if you don’t slow down. It is so important to slow down, feel the sunshine, and examine each moment. I realized that I am always doing seven things at once. But, I need to really press in to each of the activities I am doing. Even when I am just walking my dog, it is so good for me to hear the birds, feel the sunshine on my skin, and notice my breathing.


What lessons has this summer taught you? I would love to hear more about it!

Thanks for reading.



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