Hello Lovely Readers!

I am sorry last week I did not post! I accidentally deleted the post and then have been quite busy and did not have more time to rewrite it!

Today I want to address this elephant I feel within the space of this blog, an aspect of my life I have not known how to address.


Some of you may know, that I work for a church. My job is awesome. I love it and feel really blessed to have the opportunities that I do. I grew up in the church and always wanted to try working in ministry. It has been so much more than I ever expected.

I am the administrative assistant at one of my church’s campuses. Basically my job is to make the sure that the main pastor is taken care of, while also doing my best to inform the members of what is going on in the church. Serving my pastor is like my favorite gig. It is awesome.

My least favorite part of working for a church is the fact that religion has such a bad reputation. Religion can be judgmental. Religion can be filled with shame. Religion is all about right and wrong. When I think of religion, I think about constantly feeling less than.

Personally, I think there is another option other than religion.


I think spirituality is believing in a greater power. Spirituality is less structured and more free. Spirituality is connecting with the overall hope and belief in the greater good.

I am a more spiritual person. And the church I work for is more of a spiritual church, less than a religious one. We believe that Love is the answer and everything else is a conversation.

The reason this feels like an elephant to me because I want this space to be a safe place for all people from all backgrounds. I wanted to keep my personal commentary about God to myself, but the more real and honest I get within these posts, the less I know how to keep God out of it. God’s love has made me the woman I am today.

So, I want to feel free to express what I believe (just like I want each of my readers to feel the same). I do not want to use this platform to attempt to change anyone’s perspective but encourage people to think differently. I don’t want this space to be a place of religion, structure, or control but a place of freedom, opportunity, and inspiration.

I felt like this needed to be addressed because I do not want to be confined to “a christian blog” but I, also, want the freedom to really share my full story.

My story with spirituality is one that has constantly ebbed and flowed. It has not been always easy and it has not always made sense to me. I am on a journey of learning to find the spirit within each sunshine ray and sea breeze. I am finding the spirit within the quiet and the loud. I am finding the internal peace that comes with being deeply connected to the dirt and sky. Some of you may want to know what it is that I believe, but to be honest I am constantly learning what I believe (and I am constantly learning that what I once believed was only part of the truth). A few key beliefs: I believe that there is more to life than what meets the eyes and I believe that Love is a force none of us remotely understand, but that we are all called on a journey to discover more about love.  I, also, think that we are all a collection of broken and messy layers that are all trying our hardest. And I think that each of our layers deserve to be drenched in positivity, grace, and love.

Are you spiritual? How do you steward that part of your being? What does that look like in your life? I would love to know in the comments! I think stewarding the spiritual side of yourself takes creativity & would love to be inspired!



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